Less Than Three Weeks

Fast forward ten months through fundraising efforts, first year of grad school, and a summer of sleeping on a floor just to stay in New York, and I’m just three weeks from departing for Malawi.

July 12, 2007

It’s less than 3 weeks now until I get on the plane to head for Africa. I am getting more and more excited with each passing day. My priest has returned from her trip to Malawi and is ready to go back with our group. During her sermon on Sunday, she talked about her experience of being called to Africa and now feeling her sense of mission as well as her faith in God strengthened.
On a different topic but still related to my trip, supplies to take with me. I have been thinking what is it that I love that I want to take and share with children in Africa? It was truly a no-brainer. School Supplies!!!!!! Give me two hours in a Staples and I am a happy camper.  When I went to Staples this week they just happened to be having a HUGE sale. 12pk of pencils for one cent! That’s right, folks a penny! Folders for a penny, pencil sharpeners for a penny! I scooped up what they allowed and felt a great sense of satisfaction when I left the store. I still want to get spiral notebooks, pencil top erasers, pens and colored pencils. There is nothing quite like new supplies for school to make a child feel special. There is a traveler’s meeting on Monday night so I will get lots more information especially about the itinerary.



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