All about Malawi…

Back to my blog series about my travels to Malawi. As excited as I was to take lots of school supplies to the children, the statistics of the many challenges of Malawi were sobering. It reminded me how very fortunate I am.Image (Numbers as of July 2007)

Location: Southern Central Africa (smaller than Pennsylvania)

  • Population: 12.8 million
  • One of the 11 poorest countries in the world
  • Average annual income under US $200
  • Average life expectancy is 41 years
  • Male adult literacy rate 76.1%, Female adult literacy rate 49.8%

HIV/AIDS in Malawi

  • 940,000 women, men, and children infected with HIV (950,000 in the USA with population of 300 million)
  • 15% of the adult population between the ages of 15-49 is infected
  • 59% of infected adults are women
  • 78,000 deaths annually due to AIDS (14,000 in the USA)
  • 550,000 children orphaned
  • 50% of population is under the age of 15
  • 26,000 children born with HIV each year
  • 30,600 receiving free treatment with anti-retroviral drugs

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