“Stuck Like This Forever” finds a home…

A year ago, on Memorial Day actually, I got a “vision” for a new memoir piece. My butt didn’t move  from the chair for the next five hours while I tried furiously to keep up with the deluge of memories. The first draft was 16 pages. Through many, many, many revisions, today the final version appears on The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature site. I almost gave up on this piece, but after having my confidence boosted at the Scissortail Creative Writing Festival this year, (thank you, Ken Hada) I doubled down and started with a fresh round of submissions. Everything turned out as it should. Happy Reading! 🙂



5 thoughts on ““Stuck Like This Forever” finds a home…

    • Thanks so much, Kim! Just about the time I want to give up on my writing God gives me a little nudge to keep going. That nudge seems to take all forms these days. 🙂

      • AJ, I’ve learned to expect the unexpected. Just when I’m bemoaning “languishing” for days/weeks/months — WHAM — can’t get the words on paper fast enough.t’s fun that way, though, and I enjoy the “in between” times on my other creative pursuits. The best of both (three?!) 😉 Best, best wishes to you!

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